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Billionaire PA is a young man on a mission to inspire people to become wealthy and to share their wealth with others. The goal is to establish an economic conscious among those who can hear what he is saying, receive his message, and then do the work to achieve their goals. Wealth, he believes, can be acquired if they consistently make an effort to bring it into reality.

“I encourage people to speak their dreams into existence and develop a mindset geared towards obtaining and sharing wealth,” he said, as he prepared for one of his Wealthy Wednesday's meetings.

Wealthy Wednesdays, a combination human potential movement meets sanctified church, invites people of all ages to state their dream in front of all those present. According to Billionaire, saying what you want in front of others focuses your mind on your desire and makes it more likely that you will put in the time, effort, and sweat demanded to achieve your goal. Several children, teens, and adults spoke their dreams.

“My mission is to inspire over one billion people to get motivated, achieve success, and earn wealth. I aim to be magnetic in a healthy way by giving people a platform where they speak their dream and be acknowledged for it.”

Indeed, many of the adults who shared their dreams during the Wealthy Wednesday meeting I attended prefaced their remarks with, “I’ve never said this to anyone but what I really want to do is…”

Future meetings are to be announced.

The inspiration for his mission was revealed to him when he was homeless and living in his truck. He wrote motivating one-liners and taped his sayings to the roof of the truck so he could see them before he went to sleep. He says that practice kept him sane.

“I had to deactivate my brain from failure and reactivate it for success.”

Speaking inspiration though catchy one-liners resulted in poetic verses such as:

Failure is an introduction to success.

No matter the job title, we still have to do the work.

Billionaire PA graduated from Alabama Community College with an Associate in Arts, degree, and then from University of Alabama at Birmingham, with a Bachelor of Science, in marketing and finance.

He credits his mother, Diana Shealey, and his grandmother, Clemmie Benson for teaching him values: “My family has always been Christian, They taught me respect and hard work.”

He spent years in a negative lifestyle selling drugs and got three years probation in Alabama and five years probation in Texas. He changed because he got tired of the system, and credits Christianity with showing him a new path.

“When I got to California, I jokingly asked God to help me bring about the changes in my ways that you see today, and when those changes occurred, I knew there was a God.”

He came to California at twenty-one and runs several businesses.

Wealthy Minds, Inc. is a corporation including Wealthy Minds Entertainment, Wealthy Minds Clothing, Wealthy Minds Speak Dreams, Speak Dreams Public Relations, Sponsor A Kid’s Dream, Speak Dreams Publishing, and Billionaire P.A.

Billionaire PA’s songs: Speak Dreams and Too Much Faith, written with Tiffany Catching, and performed with singer Hanani Taylor, are available on iTunes Publishing and Android app Google play and can be seen on YouTube.

See him in action on his website at: